Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I'm not very cool, I'm not a geek either. I'm fairly average. I am quite nice. Maybe.
Maybe you'll read about my life. It isn't very exciting.
I thought I'd start this blog so that I could mostly doument my life and have a place to post pictures of cupcakes and rainbows as well as my friends and I getting rather worse for wear on a Friday night and pictures of pigeons.
I'm also in the midst of a successful diet and have recently gone from 219lbs to 179lbs. Still another 21 to go. So I can write about that here. Maybe.
Hopefully it will stop me from eating pizza. I like pizza, and cupcakes, and chinese food. And cider.
My boyfriend lives 100 miles away with most all my friends, in Canterbury. I visit every weekend and stay near London during the week. For my work. Which isn't terribly exciting. If at all.
I like vintage things. I wish I could afford all the great peices I've seen over the years.
I like history, especially World War I & II.

And this is my favorite picture from the last week
Pigeon feet. This was from when The Boy and I did touristy things in London on Saturday:


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  1. oh my god the little pigeon feets!!!!! xoxox