Friday, 1 October 2010

last nights outfit...

This was last night's outfit to jive class. not particularly awe inspiring. most people tend to just go in jeans, but if i'm dancing i simply can't. it's not the same, i like to feel uh.. 'swishy'. 
i quite liked the outfit, although there were a few outfit malfunctions throughout the night. the dress is 2 sizes too big for me, and needed a quick repair when i got in from work (which turned into major alterations).  i wore an elasticated waist belt to hold it all in, as it is too big, i didn't like the silhouette of the top half  so i paired it with a cute cropped red cardigan. as i was dancing, i wore simple black patent flats. underneath i wore a 1 layer pink petticoat (this was where the wardrobe malfunction would occur - the skirt of the dress is more of a dirndl style and although full, doesn't swing out so much when dancing, the petticoat gave it oomph for walking around in, but when doing turns, the petticoat swing out from under the dress, thus causing the dress to ride up. ooh err)
i don't think i'd wear it for dancing again, but it's a pretty cute day outfit. 
as you can see, i didn't bother with my hair or any accessories. 

to my delight, when looking at the pictures i realised that this really is a budget outfit. 

dress: primark (3 years? ago) £16
cardigan: matalan  £6
belt: H&M £3
shoes: Shoezone £7.99

news from last night is that i will be going to hemsby, which is quite exciting, only for the saturday, but still, i am rather excited. expect more outfit posts (better ones) in regards to that one! 

so it's friday, and this week has gone pretty darn fast (thankfully) and i am looking forward to the weekend although i don't have any discernible plans and with needing to save money for hemsby i can't be extravagant, but i believe a 'girlie' night tonight, and a gig tomorrow and possibly a trip over to the beach on sunday. 

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