Thursday, 30 September 2010

She's gonna love me in my Chevy van, and that's all right with me

on tuesday i had my first taste of a proper classic bike and car meet at the blue pigeon in worth, kent. i have previously been to various car shows, but this was the first more intimate "less poncy" more fun one i had the pleasure of attending.
the landlady, marylin and her partner have recently been taking part in channel 4 tv show "three in a bed" and channel 4 were there to film.
sadly(?) i don't think i made it on to camera but enjoyed the sites.

there weren't too many cars there, given that it was a fairly small car park outside the pub, but there was lots of chatting, drinking and sitting on bonnets of very pretty cars.

there was an older couple there, i don't think specifically for the meet itself who had a couple of gorgeous dogs, and i got chatting. they commented on the way we were all dressed and asked if we could dance. well yes, we can, so nicky and i had a little jive amongst the cars, which was fun.

we weren't there for very long, the trouble with standing around and looking at cars, is that well, you're standing around looking at cars, and being less of a petrol head and more of an appreciative of the aesthetics of older cars, it was soon time to go.

only one thing tarnished the evening, sadly, and that is the immaturity of some people. hey ho.

i am pleased to say that marylin won! i'm not sure when the show will be aired, but you'll get to see lots of awesome hotrods and it seems like it'll be a bit more interesting that what i usually see on that show (from what i have seen)

i am afraid i did not have my camera, so there are no pictures of that evening, however, as it is on topic i have put a picture i took at the Chicken Run 2010 back in July which hopefully you'll enjoy.


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