Monday, 27 September 2010

all good things come to an end...

Mondays. i don't like them. suddenly your weekend has come to an end and it's back to the daily grind for another 5 days. *grump*
having had a rather fun weekend, i am less than pleased to be sitting at my desk.
Friday night was spent watching Deathproof with rather pleasant company and saturday involved a drive up to london to see the Ben Cooper Trio, then a brief visit to the boston arms. I have to say i'm always rather disappointed with the london 'rockin'' scene. everyone seems much more concerned with the way they look rather than having fun. given that it was £10 entry and there was not really any dancing, just a lot of standing around. I did however sample many cocktails and purchased a new top from Collectif. Now, i had not yet had a chance to visit the new store in camden, the last time i went it was a pokey little thing. this new store is a-maz-ing. i could have spent hundreds of pounds. there were so many styles and prints not even featured on the website, and as with most things, it was delightful to actually be able to try things on rather than order online and not actually know how they will look. So i purchased the deloras top in red and white. I adore this cut, I already own the red and white polka dot wiggle dress in the same style, which I have decided to wear tomorrow to the Blue Pigeon Classic Car Show.
I digress. Yes, so saturday was fun, and yesterday was also good. I went over to The Farmhouse tent at the Euro Fair in Canterbury's Dane John Gardens to be a supportive face for a friend who was djing. despite the monsoon style weather causing a lack of attendance just about everywhere it was nice to catch up with some people briefly and have a little dance. Then a few sunday afternoon cider's sheltering in a pub before heading home to be lazy, order pizza and watch Juno with a friend.

I think i'm getting rather comfortable with my "singledom" now. i don't think i really want any more than a little male attention to keep me satiated, which i think is a rather good place to be in really.

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