Friday, 24 September 2010


yes, things. What is it about things that we covet. Everyone likes 'things' whether your interest lies in technology shaped things, to clothing, ornament type things, garden shaped things. We all, unashamedly love things.
When was the last time you had a "ohmygodihavetohavethisismylifenoworiwillcertainlydie" moments?
i have these moments quite frequently, so frequently in fact that years ago i managed to get into a ridiculous amount of debt in order to own these thing. the things in question, were clothes, trinkets. if i had gone on a round the world trip, or had even bough an insane amount of valuable vintage then fine. but no. most of these things are now ludicrously dated and are sitting in massive suitcase in my basement (which until a few weeks ago had developed its own ecosystem and was producing fungus from the walls - nice)
my new passion, kitchen things. never mind that i haven't actually done a "big shop" in months and despite only having a can of kidney beans, a jar of lemon curd, a jar of marmite and an array of herbs and spices in my cupboard at home (im not joking, i finished off the last of my pasta a few days ago, i was going to have it dry but i procured some pesto from my housemate last minute) - i like kitchen things. My le creuset casserole sits proudly on the window ledge even though that hasn't been used in god knows how long, along side various kitsch trays adorned with elvgren girls, about 12 cookery books. on the side sits my polka dot tea set (unused). Recently Wilkinson were offering pastel cooking utensils and jugs and bowls and ddlasjdfhlsfj everything. que "ohmygodihavetohavethisismylifenoworiwillcertainlydie" moment.

My point is, is that i don't suppose anyone really wants to think of themselves as completely materialistic. i mean, i value family and friends much more than "things". but owning things seems to make you feel better. how many times ladies have you felt down in the dumps and just wanted to buy something to make yourself feel better? i guess the term "retail therepy" was coined for a reason.

moral of the story - owning things makes you feel good. yes, i guess i'm materialistic. i'm dealing with it well.


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